Professionnal treatments


The skin must be suitable prepared before it can fully benefit from cares! Algotherm preparative cares ensure soft skin, and are real effectiveness boosters!

Exfoliating Marine Cares 20-45min

Marine Purity Care

Dedicated to sensitive skins and/or dry skins

This exfoliating care is performed with the NEW exfoliating smooth cream. Rich in algae and vegelated exfoliating particles, it’s the ideal care to get a facelift.

Savoury-sweet Marine Cares

Dedicated to oily tendency combined skins

These revitalising exfoliating cares are performed with a mix of salt crystals and exfoliating sugars combined to a soothing marine oil and to the adapted complex. Those are the ideal cares for a slimming, well-being or remineralization program.

Detoxifying Marine Cares 75-95min (including scrub)

All skin types

These detoxifying marine cares may be customised, and are designed to eliminate accumulated toxins from the body. These are truly the ultimate in draining cares, and are recommended before a slimming care or before mineral-replenishing, relaxing or invigorating marine cares. 5 detoxifying marine cares are available depending on your aims and your contouring, firming, toning, revitalizing or relaxing preferences.