An outstanding care for total anti-aging action
The active power of four miraculous seaweeds* that speak the skin’s language to restore its full youthfulness. The algotherapist will recommend the metamorphosis care – anti-wrinkle or lifting and firming – best suited to your expectations and skin needs. The manual modelage and action of the specialized accessories will target wrinkles or skin slackening based on that selection. The care starts with make-up removal and exfoliation. Once the skin has been prepared, the next step is active shaping. Effleurage, specific accessories and warm marine massage stamps alternate in phases between deep action and relaxation, acting on the face, neck and décolleté. With precise movements, muscles are stimulated and toned, wrinkles are reduced, the facial contour is redefined and skin is left firmer. Now toned, your skin is able to relax under a thermal or peel-off oil-based mask that lifts, detoxifies and revitalizes. The algotherapist will use this time to treat your hands to a wellness massage. It is then time to awaken. Your wrinkles will be reduced. The facial contour will look perfect, as if redefined. Your skin’s perfection will be rejuvenated. It will look and feel soft, velvety and smooth.
* Undaria pinnatifia: anti-wrinkle, Alaria esculenta: firming, Ulva lactuca: improves elasticity and Dictyopteris Membranacea anti-spots.

Our ALGOPERFORMANCE cares are the epitome of relaxation and pampering. They begin with a unique welcome ritual: marine relaxation. Discover the magic of one of these unique cares!


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