skin powered by ocean

«Er mor ez eus danvez : in the sea, there is wealth.»

- Breton proverb

Algotherm started in 1962 off the east coast of Brittany in the heart of the Sea of Iroise, today a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The ocean and the seas continue to be our daily inspiration. From this powerful natural environment of rare beauty comes a miraculous resource – a treasure trove for the skin – algae.

Through extensive study of this magical organism, we have developed the knowledge to select and assemble the perfect species for skin care needs and requirements and become the pioneers in Algotherapy.

made in Brittany since 1962

29 actifs marins – 6 complexes innovants dont 1 brevet exclusif pour la peau

30 marine ingredients – 7 exclusive complexes – 2 skin care patents

Our integrated Research and Development lab has catalogued and selected 30 marine ingredients to meet every skin care need at all stages of life. We have perfected seven exclusive complexes and obtained two patents for effective, visible and proven results. In our quest for continuous innovation, our R&D lab works with marine research universities to advance the discovery of active ingredients based on newly-identified biomimetic properties of algae.

For over 50 years, ALGOTHERM’s mission has been to constantly expand its knowledge and mastery of the riches of the ocean. Respecting the complexity of your skin and the marine environment are among our key values. We are also dedicated to bringing a unique sensorial experience to your beauty-activating marine skin care and well-being routines.

  • 1962

    Naissance de la marque avec la création du premier produit emblématique : le bain aux algues

  • 1989

    Développement en France et à l’international

  • 1991

    Lancement de la marque au Japon et en Malaisie

  • 1997

    Rachat par les Laboratoires Gilbert

  • 1998

    Rachat de la thalassothérapie de Deauville

  • 2004

    Création du premier Spa urbain
    Intercontinental I-Spa Paris

    1ères formulations 0%
    parabène et phénoxyéthanol

  • 2010

    Création des premiers complexes d\'algues
    avec la gamme minceur ALGOSILHOUETTE

  • 2014

    Découverte du brevet ALGOGÈNE activateur de 35 gènes de jeunesse

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