Marine mud from Mont Saint-Michel

This mud is natually rich in sulphur and micronutrients. It has a number of active ingredients, which have been scientifically shown to penetrate the skin to soothe joint pain and muscle tension.

It is thermostatic, detoxifying and remineralizing.

It softens skin, releases muscle tension, tones the body and relieves pain.

Where to find it?

Mont Saint-Michel mud is dredged by fishing boat from the middle of Mont Saint-Michel bay near the Chausey islands, about 15 km from Granville. It then undergoes multiple filtering steps to remove impurities and is packed into 40-kg containers. We carry out bacteriological testing on each harvest to detect any pathogens. No pollution has been detected for a number of years; this location has the advantage of being scoured twice a day by Europe’s highest tides.