Ulva Lactuca

The molecular composition of this seaweed has two unique characteristics. First, it contains heparin that includes iduronic acid, one of the main components of the extracellular matrix, which gives it incredible anti-sagging properties. It also contains aosaine, which strengthens cells and firms the skin (three-quarters of aosaine consists of amino acids very similar those responsible for the skin’s elasticity).

Good for the body
As a food product, 10 g of this seaweed provides 70% of the body’s daily magnesium requirements and over half of its iron requirements.

Where to find it?

Its appearance could be confused with a leaf of lettuce, which earned it the common name sea lettuce. It is very thin yet very strong and is bright green in color. It can be found along the entire French coast, including Brittany and Normandy.


Green macroalgae