Marine exopolysaccharide (EPS)

Marine exopolysaccharide (EPS)
Cell renewal
Produced in a bioreactor to ensure purity, these molecules have natural characteristics but have no land-based equivalent (rich in galactose and N-acetyl-glucosamine). N-acetyl-glucosamine plays a role in the production of glycossamioglycans (GAG), the dermis’s primary water reservoir.

EPS helps to:
Reset the skin’s function as a physical barrier by promoting cell renewal
Rejuvenate the skin
Reset the skin’s function as a chemical barrier by reducing skin reactivity
Reset the skin’s function as a water barrier by increasing its natural hydration.

Where to find it?

Invisible to the naked eye, this molecule is secreted by a micro-organism from the Aber-Benoit in Brittany.


Planktonic micro-organism